At Merrill Design, we specialize in custom, single family residential homes and remodels; bringing your vision to life in a way which fits your budget and expresses your lifestyle. 

Feel the difference of being involved in your project. See the plan come to life through collaborative meetings with 3-D modeling and virtual walk throughs; giving you a realistic feel for your design and allowing you to suggest important changes right in our office. 

Merrill Design looks out for factors which can be critical to a successful project. For example, we know that a design process which includes budgeting at the conceptual stage, (when the project is most flexible), can make the difference between a design which sits on the shelf, and one which actually gets built within the budget. We also have years of experience designing for tough lots and sensitive area sites. 

We take care of the important details of site specific needs, top quality structural planning, efficient use of materials, and permitting. Our goal is to design a great project which will function beautifully, live comfortably, and truly last.