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Safe-Messaging Guidelines

Safe-messaging is integral in creating safe spaces at school. More often then not, schools and  students will lose control of the conversation and unintentionally put at-risk populations at even greater risk. 

Please consider reading over the Suicide Prevention Resource Centers (SPRC) safe-messaging guidelines. They go into greater depth about why safe-messaging is important and ways to talk about suicide that won’t be harmful to at-risk populations.




After a Suicide Toolkit for SchoolsAfter a Suicide Toolkit for Schools
A Guide for a School's Response in the Aftermath of Sudden DeathA Guide for a School's Response in the Aftermath of Sudden Death

Self-Care Basics

It’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves in the wake of a death in a school community. Often times we find ourselves running on empty as we scramble to pick up the pieces. This is why self-care is so important. If we do not MAKE the time to take a breather and take care of ourselves, it can lead to complicated grief later on. Also, as teachers and administrators, it’s imperative that we model healthy behaviors, now more than ever. 

The following resources are going to help you manage your own and also promote self-care with your faculty and staff members.


Grief & Self-Care BasicsGrief & Self-Care Basics
Beyond Surviving: Suggestions for SurvivorsBeyond Surviving: Suggestions for Survivors
Controlling the ConversationControlling the Conversation